The Then and Nows of Media

Emerging media is a topic that I often ponder to see how it has influenced my own life. I turned 30 last year and took some time to reflect where the last decade went and what changes occurred in the world during that time. One point that came to mind was the media and how it has changed from when I was a child to now. I’m a 90’s baby, which means that I grew up in the 1990s. My days were spent playing outside, riding my bikes, playing in parks and playing Mortal Kombat on Nintendo64 or my Gameboy. The media was seen as something you watched or read. It was pushed at you or so it seemed that way.

It seems that the changes to the Internet was the gateway for the transformation in emerging media to take place. The Internet connected people like never before. A recent survey showed that 71% of participants felt that the Internet brings people together. I have to agree, like never before I’m connected to my friends and family through social sites like FaceBook, Twitter or Instagram. I know what sales are happening at my favorite stores because I signed up to receive alerts in my email. I also am able to take tutorials on how to set up this very blog on sites like YouTube. The Internet has connected the various dots of life to ensure that people have access to people, places and things 24/7. The power to this access is in the push of a button on our phone, computer, tablet or in the dictation of our voices. I think this is an amazing accomplish, especially if you compare the then and now.


Passing a note to a friend in 1st period/ texting a friend

Sending a post card of your summer vacation to grandma/ tagging grandma on your picture on Instagram

Calling to wish your mom a happy birthday/ face timing your mom on her birthday

Clipping coupons from the Sunday paper/ receiving discounts for checking into the locations on Four Square

What are some examples of your own “then and nows”?


One thought on “The Then and Nows of Media

  1. Kara Price January 19, 2015 / 8:59 pm

    The advancements in technology have also opened up the virtual workforce. Working remotely for any company any where has expanded the talent pool for many companies/organizations. Plus, there are many personal advantages for people to be able to work from home (child care, transportation expense, etc.). Who knows where it will take us!


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